"Those who wish to sing will always find a song."

                                            ~Swedish Proverb

Singing is an incredibly exciting and enriching avocation. When we listen to our own inner voice, the music we can make is expressive and uplifting. I enjoy working with students with a true passion for music who delight in learning more about themselves and their voices. My intention is to create a safe space where students can build their confidence and explore the unique qualities of their own voices.


The voice is an intrinsic part of who we are, and the instrument can never be separate from the person. Being a certified yoga instructor, much of my focus in the voice studio is on mind-body-voice connections. Emphasizing healthy vocal technique, body awareness, and artistry, I strongly believe that classical vocal technique is invaluable to any style of vocal performance. My goal is to treat each student individually and help them achieve their musical and artistic aspirations, whatever they may be. I believe that students flourish with small, concrete goals and positive reinforcement.


Music and singing have the power to change lives and should be accessible to everyone. I have the desire and experience to work with diverse populations, having successfully worked students on the autism spectrum, students with both recent and older physical injuries, and students recovering from surgeries. I have worked with students from many racial and ethnic groups, diverse religious backgrounds, military veterans, and students with diverse gender expressions.


Anyone with true enjoyment in singing is welcome!